Automation solutions
for the growth of your business

A focused approach
for each sector.

From the beginning, we have studied, designed and created robotized systems and solutions for tending, managing and handling materials and products within production sites and assembly lines. They can be used also on machine tools or equipment in general, in order to simplify and speed up grunt, dangerous or hard working steps.

Nowadays, flexibility and production speed are, even in the food sector, a necessity ….

The companies operating in the wood sector are currently the ones that most need automation…

The pallet sector, from construction to repair and re-installation has seen a strong development over the years …

We develop customized robotic solutions for every need …

Over the years, Bosso and its staff created different solutions for handling, tending, palletizing and many other problems that several companies have to face every day.

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Satisfied customers

Bosso takes care not only of robotic systems design, but also of the creation of machines for the customized automation; it became a “technological tailor’s shop” and this brought several companies to choose them for their automation systems.

Every day we come up with new ideas to improve the work of our customers.

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