A company with deep roots

Bosso s.r.l. was born in 2001 from the idea of Mr.Marco Lazzari and in a few years it became the leader company in wood machining centres tending. Everything started from a “noble ancestor”, i.e. Lazzari srl who made the wood machines history since the 80s, becoming the fourth company worldwide for panels squaring production. bosso s.r.l. is its direct and natural evolution: a new company, different from the others. Marco’s experience and knowledge, matched to his creativity, brought forth a completely new machine, an anthropomorphic robot expressly dedicated to the typical tasks of the wood – working industry.

A look into the future.

Over the years, Lazzari and his staff have devised several different solutions as a response to handling, servicing and palletizing needs. Many of the problems that manufacturing companies face on a daily basis can be reflected in our creations. Contact us: we will be ready to give you the solution to your automation problems.

The ability to adapt.

Success is important in the whole European market: from Spain to Sweden, from England to Turkey. The innovative project and the business success have been a springboard that allowed the company to develop, day by day, a robot line unique worldwide.
Each company has different needs and consequently bosso s.r.l. developed ideas and techniques of customisation for its robots, basing on the requests of every single company situation.

Ability to look forward and innovate.

Since 2001, Bosso has been creating custom machines for every single customer, through research, development and new ideas. This might seem a goal, but for Bosso this is a starting point to create new partnerships instead.
For example, in China, they opened Bosso Asia which is designated to sell robotic systems in the Far East market; or, they created partnerships in new fields, like food industry, where their gained experience allowed Bosso to create new robots, like DELTA line called SGRAB, i.e. very fast machines moving quickly and efficiently any kind of object on production lines.
bosso can operate in different fields thanks to its workforce’s knowledge at a technical and mechatronic level, with a great ability to evaluate needs and create solutions.

The founder

Marco Lazzari
Marco LazzariFounder

The Bosso leader, owner and brain is Marco Lazzari, mechanical engineer and company inventor who boasts an academic knowledge as well as a great and historical experience in the mechatronic and automation field.

Eng. Lazzari comes from a family who always took care of wood – working machines where he improved his abilities both on the customers’ needs analysis side both on the technical and industrial side.

In order to be able to give the right solution for very different needs coming from different fields, bosso s.r.l. refers to the best external experts in the field where they are going to work.
This organisational choice allows Bosso not only to turn to the best experts on the market suitable for the customers’ needs, but also to concentrate all available resources on the products development, in order to give avant-garde technical replies and to relate to customers in the most efficient way.

Innovate to found solutions.

Our job is to find a solution to the problems of servings the operating lines in the work centers. there’s a problem? contact us, we will help you find a solution.