Since ever, we have been studying, designing and creating robotized systems and solutions for tending, managing and handling materials and products within production sites and assembly lines. They can be used also on machine tools or equipment in general, in order to simplify and speed up grunt, dangerous or hard working steps.

Anthropomorphic robots.

Highly customisable robots, useful for a variety of operations, which can be suitable for several situations: tending machining centres, palletizing, packaging, welding, etc. These robots are called anthropomorphic because their structure looks like the human arm.

Delta Robots

Delta robots are quick, precise and suitable for the handling of products in controlled fields, like food and pharmaceutical industry; they can be used to handle small objects, especially at high speed, during recurring cycles, in food industry or similar. Combined with proper systems of automatic view, they allow you to trace the incoming product, to pick it up and tidily drop it off at its destination point.

Special machines.

Tailoring robotics: we design, study and produce custom-made machines for any kind of use, from the development of every single production cell to the integration of several machines within complete production equipment.

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bosso s.r.l. takes care not only of robotic systems design, but also of the creation of machines for the customised automation; it became a “technological tailor’s shop” and this brought several companies to choose them for their automation systems.

bosso s.r.l. clients in wood – working machine industry are: SCM GROUP, Masterwood SpA, Michael Weinig A.G.

A look into the future

Over the years, Bosso and its staff created different solutions for handling, tending, palletizing and many other problems that several companies have to face every day. Contact us: we are ready to solve your automation issues.